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Sep 9, 2022


FIVEM - Advanced and Unique Mechanic Tuning


  • Multiple Mechanic Shop (multi job)
  • Multiple Mysql library supproted (mysql-async,ghmatti)
  • Integrated with renzu_jobs (Mechanic Job Money and upgrade profit shares)
  • Support almost all variation of upgrades (Mods, Extras, Liverys, Custom liveries, Paint, RGB Paints and more)
  • Built in Vehicle Property Getter and Setter
  • Built in Vehicle Repair in Menus
  • Deluxe UI
  • Support New DLC Tuner Wheels and Drift Tires!
  • Many More!

Optional Custom Feature​

  • Custom Vehicle Engine Upgrade/Swap (Configurable)
  • Custom Turbo Upgrades 3 variation preconfig (RACING,SPORTS,STREET TURBINE) ( Power configurable, with custom BOV sound )
  • Custom Vehicle Tires Upgrade DRAG,RACING,SPORTS,STREET (Traction can be configured in config)

Unique Interaction Upgrade​

  • Install and Uninstall Vehicle Mods / Parts on the go. (can be seen in demos)
  • Vehicle Parts Object will carry/show, if its supported in config (ex. spoiler prop)
  • Builtin Inventory System to Store Vehicle Parts.
  • Builtin Vehicle Stock Room to get the list of available parts for the vehicles
  • Spray Pilox/Paint - Enable you to Manually Paint the vehicle using spray can ( can for now) (Custom RGB Color Supported, can be seen in demos)

Sample Image:​

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  • (Main Demo)
  • (Custom Engine Upgrade Sample)
  • (Custom Turbo Variation)
  • (Extra Feature Interactive Upgrade)

Important in config​

Config.Mysql = 'mysql-async' -- "ghmattisql", "msyql-async"
Config.usePopui = false -- POPUI or Drawmarker Floating Text
Config.showmarker = true -- Drawmarker and FLoating Text
Config.job = 'mechanic' -- job permmision
Config.UseRenzu_jobs = true -- to have a profits for each upgrades
Config.PayoutShare = 0.5 -- 0.5 = 50% (how much profit share)
Config.DefaultProp = 'hei_prop_heist_box' -- default prop when carrying a parts

-- if you want CUSTOM ENGINE UPGRADE ,TURBO and TIRES make sure to true this all
Config.UseCustomTurboUpgrade = true -- use renzu_custom Turbo System -- enable disable custom turbo upgrade
Config.useturbosound = true -- use custom BOV Sound for each turbo
Config.turbosoundSync = true -- true = Server Sync Sound? or false = only the driver can hear it

Config.UseCustomEngineUpgrade = true -- enable disable custom engine upgrade
Config.UseCustomTireUpgrade = true -- enable disable custom tires upgrade

Config.RepairCost = 1500 -- repair cost

Advanced Usage​

  • SetVehicleProp Exports (setter)
exports.renzu_customs:SetVehicleProp(vehicle, props) = Save Current Vehicle Props (You need this in your current garage to save and restore custom upgrades (turbo,engine,tires)
  • GetVehicleProperties Exports (getter)
exports.renzu_customs:GetVehicleProperties(vehicle) -- return Current Vehicle Props Similar to ESX GAME VEHICLE PROPS (but this return custom upgrades)
  • GetVehicleEngine Exports (getter)
exports.renzu_customs:GetVehicleEngine(vehicle) = return current Vehicle Custom Engine
  • GetVehicleTurbo Exports (getter)
exports.renzu_customs:GetVehicleTurbo(vehicle) = return current Vehicle Turbo Upgrade
  • SetVehicleTurbo Exports (setter)
exports.renzu_customs:SetVehicleTurbo(vehicle, turbo) = Change Custom Vehicle Turbo Upgrade (entity, (Sports,Street,Racing,Default))
  • SetVehicleEngine Exports (setter)
exports.renzu_customs:SetVehicleEngine(vehicle, engine) = Change Custom Vehicle Engine Upgrade (entity, (adder,elegy,fmj,Default))
  • SetVehicleHandlingSpec Exports (setter)
exports.renzu_customs:SetVehicleHandlingSpec(vehicle,model) = Change Current Vehicle Handling (or Copy Other Vehicle Model Handling) (model can be hash or modelname)
  • GetHandlingfromModel Exports (getter)
exports.renzu_customs:GetHandlingfromModel(model,vehicle) = return the current Vehicle Model Specs

local table = {
['fDriveInertia'] = tonumber(v.DriveInertia),
['nInitialDriveGears'] = tonumber(v.InitialDriveGears),
['fInitialDriveForce'] = tonumber(v.InitialDriveForce),
['fClutchChangeRateScaleUpShift'] = tonumber(v.ClutchChangeRateScaleUpShift),
['fClutchChangeRateScaleDownShift'] = tonumber(v.ClutchChangeRateScaleDownShift),
['fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel'] = tonumber(v.InitialDriveMaxFlatVel),
['fMass'] = tonumber(v.Mass),
['fLowSpeedTractionLossMult'] = tonumber(v.LowSpeedTractionLossMult),
['fTractionLossMult'] = tonumber(v.TractionLossMult),
['fTractionCurveMin'] = tonumber(v.TractionCurveMin),
['fTractionCurveMax'] = tonumber(v.TractionCurveMax),
['fTractionCurveLateral'] = tonumber(v.TractionCurveLateral),


  • ESX (V1 FInal, ESX Legacy) Tested
  • QBCORE Framework
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    (Optional) you can used native drawmarker and floating text (config)
  • Contextmenu
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    (required in Interaction Menu and stock room , mod inventory)
  • Notify
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    (OPTIONAL) You can used other Notification system (edit it yoursel)
  • Progressbar
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  • Renzu_Job
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    (OPTIONAL for Job money)
  • Renzu Garage
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    (OPTIONAL) - If you want the Custom Turbo ,Engine Tires are Saved in Vehicle Properties / Can be Restored ?


  • Script is as is, i wont support if you customized and broke it, i wont give a support if you have error because you are missing a important dependencies.
  • Its important to install all depencies to test the script, and modify it and change the dependency like notify and others onces its stable for you.
  • Read the Config too i have insert a comments for all important parts for you to easily understand the script
  • If you need request for enhancement or you found a bug Open a Github Issue
  • Support via PM or Github Issues page (prefered)
  • Custom Map being used in DEMO is
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    (THANK YOU) @kiiya


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}, 0); });