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[Qbcore] Latest Qbus Custom Server Very Optimised And Compressed Full Support


New member
Sep 30, 2022
Hey There,

If you're looking to get a FiveM Role Play Server created for yourself, or a community then this is the right place for you : ) I will create a FiveM Server for your needs and optimize it as much as possible so you don't have to worry about any lag issues.

What can you expect to get in the server?

  • All the base scripts which include multicharacter system, np-inventory system, different job menus(boss menu), shops, and all the base scripts that are required for Role Playing in a FiveM Server.
  • Below is the list of jobs that you can expect to get in the Server Package:
  • Mechanic Job
  • Garbage Collector Job
  • Bus Driver Job
  • Towing Job
  • Police Job
  • Amazon Job
  • Recycle Job
  • News Job
  • Vineyard Job
  • Taxi Job
  • Builder Job
  • Hotdog Job
  • Ambulance/Ems/Doctor Job
  • Real Estate Agent Job
  • Orange Job
  • Mining Job
  • Cardealer
  • Cardealer (luxary)
  • Doj Job
  • Fishing Job
  • Chicken Job
  • Vehicle Rental
  • Mushroom Job
  • ScrapYard
Some additional features of the server:

  • Target System
  • Custom Menu System
  • Admin Menu for admins/mods
  • Fuel System for cars/bikes
  • Circle map HUD/Square map HUD
  • Custom Weapon recoil
Some activities you can expect to get with the server package:

  • Many Robberies(Jewellery, Store, Banks, Player Robberies, Truck Robbery, Blackjack, House Rob, Cartheif etc)
  • Illegal Activities(weed, cocaine, meth, oxyruns, moneylaundery, cornerselling, huntingjob etc)
Why Me?

  • 3 years experience
  • Quality work
  • Good Support
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Thank You!
  • Discord ID: R.I.D.E.R 🅵🆆#9950
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