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Power Plant Hit (Blackout) By Utku


Staff member
Sep 9, 2022
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Hello everyone, this is my second eligible project on FiveM. This script basically lets you crash into the Power Plant and cause a power outage in the entire city.

You need to make dimming something useful for your server. It's basically made for a different approach to bank robberies and prison breakouts for the LoveFist server, which lets you try to do illegal things without being detected.

There are two ways to complete this task:


You will need to look for C4 planting sites and plant them.
It is impossible to achieve this mission without detection.
A large number of guards will be placed in the area while planting and searching. These guards will only attack non-cop players. And if someone attacks the police on sight, he will protect the police too.
After placing all the bombs it will explode and cause a blackout for a predetermined time.
Silent Way:

You will have to look for hacks and plantations at the switchboard and of course try to stay hidden.
It is very difficult to do the detection-free task in this style, but it is not impossible.
After doing everything necessary, you will cause a power outage for a predetermined period of time.
Here's a video I made with god mode on so I can show you a small preview of it:

It turned out to be very resource friendly. I didn't expect it to run so smoothly, I think I did a good job.

I may have forgotten to add something, give me feedback and I'll fix it shortly.

Requirements: ESX, myticnotify, porgressBars

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