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    [Qbus/Esx] Hexa Hud New Fivem Hud

    Hello my friends, today I am sharing a problem-free fivem border for you. Download Here This hud was make with ❤️ By [Jaareet#0097] and [Roderic#0614]
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    Tz Mods - Tattos - Barberjob News

    Hello, my friends, today I am sharing the trouble-free fivem tattoo artist and barber for you. Download Here Click Me
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    Tranporter To Secret Mıb Base (Işınlayıcı)

    We use it for MIB so that is why it is called what it is. You will need to have: We use it for MIB, so that's what it's called. You will need to have: ESX IPL running (you can have bob47_ipl 2 sources) Put esx_returnfrommib in your resources folder mib_transport folder is a map that adds the...
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    La Fuente Blanca (Çiftlik Evi Duvarı) Wall Around

    Hello guys today i want to share with you my simple wall around La Fuente Blanca. Yes it is just the wall nothing else if you want to remove some other stuff like the wooden fence you need to do it by your selfe. Download Here Bir şeyleri kaldırmak istiyorsanız, lütfen CodeWalker'a geçin ve...
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    Porche 918 Spyder (Addon)

    link renewed
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    Inside Builder Job - Level System - Optimized

    New Builder Jobs Preview Video FEATURES: Optimized script Open code No IP-Lock Record of experience in the database Easy possibility to add more levels ÖZELLİKLERİ: Optimize edilmiş komut dosyası Açık kod IP Kilidi Yok Veritabanındaki deneyim kaydı Daha fazla seviye eklemek için kolay...
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    Anims | Simple Animations Panel

    anims A simple NUI emotes panel which supports shared and emote animations. Download LICENSE This project does not contain a license, therefore you are not allowed to add one and claim it as yours. You are not allowed to sell this nor re-distribute it, if an issue arises, we will proceed to...
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    Vtx_Mechanicjob [Esx]

    Preview: Soon Download: Here VTX_Mechanicjob Hello! Today i release a new edited version of the original esx_mechanicjob 17 posted by “Sorrora”. In this version you will see some script improvements and new functions added. I always hated the part where you had to edit your clothing in the...
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    [Free][Release] Job Clothing Menu {0.00Ms Active & Idle} [Esx]

    Installing Clothing Menu Download the latest version from GitHub - oCursee/curse-clothingmenu Extract into your resource folder. Configure your clothing items inside of the config folder. Start the server Dependencies ESX qtarget Extra Information Your clothes revert back to what they...
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    Los Angeles Police Department Sign [Mission Row]

    With this resource you can change the “Los Santos Police Department” lettering to “Los Angeles Police Department.” The map is compatible with most of the interios of the mission row police department. Preview Download it: here or direct here Have fun with it.
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    [Release] [Free] Nd_Framework (Dojrp Inspired)

    How to install: Download the Dependency (OxMySQL) 45 and set it up. Import the query.sql file Configure it to your liking in config.lua Features: Money system Character creation Roleplay Commands And more Addons: (I will add more everyday) ID Card 48 Jail & Hospital (Work In progress)...
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    Qb To Esx Give Inventory

    Greetings to all Leak World forum users, I saw that the "give items to qb to esx inventory" part has not been shared on the forum before. I found it from a different place and tried to fix it by making small additions and I wanted to share with you if there are error solutions you want to see in...
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    [Devcore] - Realistic Smoking V2 [Joınt] [Cıgar] [Cıgarett] [Vape] [Bong]

    Depedencies : ESX, mythic_notify Features One sync Infinity Brand new code compared to version 1 Fixed bugs with smoke particles You can now pass the smoking item to the person around you and she can return it to you Newly added Vape and Bong Extensive Configuration Synchronized smoke effects...
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    Registration Office | Utinax | Tr - Us

    [US]tx-population Population Directorate The scenario is my making, you can develop the ornament collection on it. My only request is that you don't change it. Video: https://streamable.com/tkt6ff Requirements: https://github.com/ONyambura/mythic_progbar...
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    Vibeful Menu Statistics

    About script Statistics about character Ticket system with discord webhooks Fully Optimized Modern UI Design No IP locked Easy to Use Easy to configure Easy to edit After purchase you will get Access to script updates How to use notification And other benefits that you will find in...
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    Vx Hex Menu

    Ovo je moj novi redizajn neke skripte u FiveM-u!!! Preview! Click Download!
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    Qb New Garages - How To Set Up New Garage

    Preview & Set up Dependencies qb-core PolyZone qb-menu Add this function to qb-core/client/functions.lua Edit in qb-phone\fxmanifest.lua: Edit in qb-phone\server\main.lua: Add event to F1 menu: Open Garage: 'MojiaGarages:eek:penGarage' For example: In progress: House garages Download...
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    Discord Leaks https://discord.gg/T8FZCjTa Install: Go to resources Upload files Add to server.cfg Download Here ensure esx_identity
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