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    Lychees Recolection Job (Prx_Lychees)

    PRX Lychees Español -Un sencillo script diseñado para la recogida, procesado y venta de lychees -Punto de recogida con mapeado -Punto de procesado -Punto de Venta de Lychees -Ademas esta actividad es una forma facil y entretenida de que los jugadores de tu servidor ganen dinero legal...
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    Fivem Advanced Screenshots Script

    Advanced Screenshots FiveM advanced screenshots script Features Take screenshots with motion blur, also effect on wheels / entities Configurable motion blur samples and shutter speed GUI menu control Installation Install screenshot-base 58 resource Download or clone this repo...
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    Fivem Car Sound Changer

    There are not many resources on changing the sound of the vehicle, so if you are wondering how to change the sound of the vehicles we will use, follow the steps. STEP 1 Open the Vehicles.meta file after the location of our vehicle file STEP 2 Since I like to use Visual Code, I opened the file...
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    Fivem Mlo Optimization

    Hi guys I'm Byhart to benefit from using, you can use to use MLO, which is an unnecessary fear. Not all of this title belongs to me. What is MLO Optimization? MLO Optimization is that MLO is the most ideal FPS value for every user. So how is this optimization done and what does it consist of...
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    Esx_Trade - Member Trader System

    FEATURES Buy or trade items Sell items INFORMATION This script is fully configurable. (Maybe it doesn’t look understandable but its not complicated) You can configure this script as much as you want. Just don’t sell it or republish. Thanks Script is edited version of “esx_pawnshop”. Couldn’t...
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    Esxsecretblips - New Blip System - 2022

    Hello Dear LeakWorld Family, Support ESX/QBcore Support pNotify Support Used Weight/Limit SecretBlips - You Can Change item At Config.lua - Can Set Cool Down Blips Appears - Removeable Item After Use Download Here
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    New Grage Script - Luke_Vehiclegarage

    Simple and minimalistic garage and impound resource for all vehicle types. This resource has been completely rewritten for ESX Legacy, it is not going to work on other versions of ESX without modification to the resource. Video Preview Dependencies PolyZone qtarget nh-context 187 - Since...
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    4 Cardealers Job - 3 Car Dealer- 1 Motorcycle - 1 Auto Cardealer

    📄Informations📄 Job Car Dealer, 3 car dealer, 1 motorcycle and 1 auto cardealer. There are missions included in the pack and a lot of options. Download Here
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    Gas Station Simulator / Buy And Manage Your Own Gas Station

    Preview Download Here Hello! Guys today i decide to share this script. Its only for esx yep i will be realy glad if someone can convert it for vrp! Have a nice day
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    Best Admin Menu | Fc Admın | Anti-Cheat

    Hello Dear LeakWorld Family, Script Features Delete Vehicles : Deletes Nearby Vehicles Erase Pads : Deletes surrounding pads Delete Objects : Deletes Surrounding Objects Delete Community Data : Clears Community Table (Resets Publics) Delete Invoice Data : Clears Invoice Table (Resets Invoices)...
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    Afk Ones Kicking System / Automatic Afk Disposal System

    PREVIEW on Streamable. Download Virüs Total
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    Renovated Black Market / Fivemac-Blackmarket

    Hello, I will share a different script from today, you will like the very useful and beautiful design. The purchase menu does not open in any way if there are not enough cops, which will be convenient for my friends who are looking for different. The value in the configuration can be "0" if...
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    Los Santos Trucker Simulator / Trucker Logistics Script (Ets, Ats)

    You deliver with a rental truck; You deliver with your own truck, where you can generate more money; The delivery gains are based on the experience you have, the more experience you upgrade, the greater your gain; Each type of cargo has its characteristic, for example: if you are going to...
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    Nopixel 3.0 | Eup | Full Pack | Full Fix

    NoPixel 3.0 | EUP | FULL Pack | Full Fix NoPixel Trailer Download Here
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    Bc_Camping - Tent & Camping Script

    bc_camping Hey! I've created this camping script. You can craft a tent, and fill it with materials like TheForest style. Also a Campfire, and a bed. Its pretty optimized (0.038ms on profiler view). If you want to add new stuff, you are free to do it, you can even do a PR. :) SHOWCASE...
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    Box Delivery Job

    ricx_deliveryscript RedEMRP compatible job basic script Delivery job at Saint Denis' Port. Start the mission at the given coords and deliver the box. HOW-TO Player has to stand at the delivery job coords given in the Config. ["JobBlipCoords"] Player must not have a weapon. Start the mission by...
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    Full Redemrp Server Base

    DOWNLOAD (114.35MB)
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    Qb - Core Decay

    QB-DECAY This is a proof-of-concept for a server-side, qb-core item reduction system that uses a cron program and runs with or without players. This can adjust the attributes of items in player inventories, warehouses, glove boxes, and chests. This POC is only to provide the corruption mechanism...
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    “Ox Base” Server Template / Txadmin Recipe - Ox İnventory

    This is an ESX Legacy server “base” centered around resources from overextended Core being ox_inventory and ox fork of ESX Legacy THIS IS NOT A FULL SERVER. Only a base set of resources pre-configured to get you started. More Details on github below. Resources Repo: GitHub GitHub -...
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    Core Legend Drugs - Best Marijuana Script- Fivem Drugs

    CORE Legend Drugs - Best Marijuana Script- Fivem Drugs PREVIEW Available in QB and ESX version [DOWNLOAD] VT
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