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    Speedometer - [Luminous Development]

    speedometer- leakworld.net.zip - 313 KB
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    New - Gta V Interior - Integrity Lobby

    We are very excited to announce our debut interior, Integrity Lobby. W hat the interior consists of: Lobby Reception desk Waiting Lounge 6 Elevators Employee office Copy/File room Download Here
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    Ballas Zone Brick Wall

    Download Here
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    Cacetv Loading - Cace_Loading2.0

    cace_loading2 GITHUB
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    Gta V Crime Bunker - Open İnterior

    Download Here
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    Pokas Roleplay Loading With Music Player

    Download Here
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    New Mechanic Car Mlo Interior

    Hello LW, we would like to present you free Car Mechanic Interior placed at Carson Avenue (Davis) Information about door models and coords are on Tebex. If you will encounter any bugs let us know. Download here: Tebex Free
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    Scarface Loading - Red Design

    Download Here
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    Esx - Bixbi Territories

    System for gangs to capture zones (areas) on the map. Once captured gangs can make money from illegal sales done in the area or money washing. Download Here
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    Interior Pacific Paradise Resort | Jack

    Interior Pacific Paradise Resort | Jack Download Here You can support by leaving a comment.
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    Fivem New Minigame - Fallout Hacking

    Fallout Hacking Standalone Minigame Resource For thought and hands-on at FiveM, apply in about 10-15 minutes. The source was notified that it was published earlier. A browser minigame was made, both originating from the same source as bombcheck. Client Event...
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    Open Source Pool/Billiards - (Esx/Vrp/Anything)

    Pool Features (esx/vrp/anything) Straight pool or 8 ball All pool tables anywhere work Anyone can play Fully multiplayer synced Full sound support - balls colliding, balls being pocketed, balls bouncing off of cushions Uses WarMenu (included), but you can easily use your own menu system Click...
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    Vibeful Server Status Bot

    It is the system that shows whether your Fivem server is open or closed and the current players in it. Github
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    Reece Designs Jpc Vest Bcso Texture - New Eup

    Reece JPC BCSO Vest Texture - Xenon Modifications.zip (2.6 MB) Don't forget to like.
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    Server Logo Template 2X

    Logos that you can use on our servers and edit as you wish. Server Logo Templates – Leakworld.net.rar (30.2 MB)
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    Bixbi Gather - Esx

    Demonstration Video Download Here Can be found on the GitHub page. These may update frequently, and it’s too much effort to keep on top of them in both locations.
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    Ak47 Clothing - Add Clothıng Menu - Esx

    Supported ESX Versions: ESX 1.2 ESX Final ESX Legacy Features: Character creation menu Clothing shop Accessories shop Accessories control menu Save and manage outfit Job only changing room Fully compatible with esx server. Replacement of esx_skin, esx_clotheshop, esx_barbershop...
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    3D - Me - Do - Med Script

    All you have to do is plug & play (upload and use) I took inspiration from SoDope and the open source code from Noms to create my own 3dme / do / med. Download Here
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    Rdr2 Skin Lucid-Edited

    Images are below. DOWNLOAD (2.48MB)
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    Optimized & Synced Animated Vehicles

    After all my time developing FiveM. I have decided to release my first resource for free. Below is a link to the git repo for the script. https://gyazo.com/12406de911bb79186eb2e5a084347bb5 - This doesnt mean its optimized as it is using DUI guys. Be very careful with how many DUI’s you...
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