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    New Script

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    Death Uı [Esx] [Qbcore] [Free]

    [Preview] Preview Link 891 (img) [Explanation] This resource, after player’s death, turns on the UI that counts down the timer set in the config file. The player has the option of calling the ambulance via the menu by clicking on the “CALL FOR HELP” button. After the configured time on the...
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    [Qbcore] Nopixel Inspired Blackout

    Hello! This is a simple, NoPixel 3.0 Inspired, Blackout script for QBCore. I made this, to work in conjuction with my upcoming NP inspired coke mission, but decided it was cool enough to share this part with others. Nothing much more to say, check out the preview video Download Here...
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    [Mlo] Secret Lab/Base

    Secret Base/Lab. Download: secret_lab.rar (15.1 MB) (For releases without code the not applicable fields can be written as N/A)
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    Esx | Car Wash | Uı

    [Preview] Video would be edited (and will be), but my video editor is not working right now for some reason. Sorry. [Explanation] Car Wash with responsive UI and business owner system. This is simple Car Wash resource with business system and Responsive UI. For now, it is just Withdraw...
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    Renzu_Customs - Mechanic Job

    renzu_customs FIVEM - Advanced and Unique Mechanic Tuning Native FEATURE Multiple Mechanic Shop (multi job) Multiple Mysql library supproted (mysql-async,ghmatti) Integrated with renzu_jobs (Mechanic Job Money and upgrade profit shares) Support almost all variation of upgrades (Mods, Extras...
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    Renzu Clothes - Best Clothes Shop

    renzu_clothes Fivem Advanced Clotheshop and Wardrobe Main Feats Unique Clothe Shopping Experience Unique Clothing Management Fully Configurable Features Multiple Shop Advanced Wardrobe Inventory Labelized Clothe Clothing Images for Better Clothe Shopping Experience Configurable Price in all...
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    Ayko Base Fıvem V3 (95% Rageuı, -1.30Ms, Optımısée , -95 Resources, 100% Free)

    Mega Download [Méga] IcH0I75UBDDNiuBZF3PaUXb8yWZ8LHYDvbS1KlGWOB0 Si vous souhaitez modifier le logo sur la minimap, il vous suffira de modifier la texture du fichier "minimap_sea_2_0.ytd" présents ici : AykoV3\resources[Serv][Esx][core]\aCore\stream Si vous souhaitez modifier le statut...
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    New Qb-Gym - Resmon 0.00-0.01

    qb-gym gym and skill system to for qbcore Resmon idle 0.00-0.01 // max 0.04 with 3drawtxt ADD TO SHARED.LUA ['gym_membership'] = {['name'] = 'gym_membership', ['label'] = 'Gym membership', ['weight'] = 0...
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    Chat-Design New Qb-Esx

    chat design for qb-core -------- Important -------- Don't replace the entire folder, just copy the files and paste in your chat folder. Download the default chat of cfx from here - https://github.com/citizenfx/cfx-server-data If you have the color error attempt to index a nil value ( field...
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    Qb-Inventory New Design 2022

    qb-inventory Dependencies qb-core qb-logs - For logging transfer and other history qb-traphouse - Trap house system for qbcore rp-radio - Radio system for communication qb-drugs - Drugs and weeds system qb-shops - Needed in order to add shops Screenshots Features Item crafting Weapon...
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    Qb-Spawn Design - Mew Si̇mple Cool Design

    qb-spawn qb-spawn design Download Github
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    Qb-Multicharacter Design - Mew Si̇mple Cool Design

    qb-multicharacter qb-multicharacter design Simple cool design for qb-multicharacter Images: Download Here (GitHub) Also you have the qb-spawn design Qb-spawn
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    Db-Loadingscreen - Red And Yellow Version

    Hello, we’re very happy to release our new script - db-loadingscreen. Hopefully you will like it! We have created the red version for you. credit; KingTitas Download Here Red Download Here Yellow Version
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    Bcall_Progress - -Standalone. - Optimized (0.00)

    -Standalone. -Optimized (0.00) Preview: Download: GitHub - ButyCall/BCall_Progress: Hello! Tired of the simple Progress bars? Well here you have a new and totally free one, hope you like it. BCall_Ilegal (script used in the video as evidence): https://butycall.tebex.io/package/5011405
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    Roda Crasshair | Standalone

    Roda Crosshair Features Saves in Local Storage (Js) Add the crosshairs that u want in Config Optimized 0.00 Download: Click Here
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    Mmvehiclesmetamerger - Easily Merge Vehicles Meta Files!

    This program allows you to quickly extract and merge GTA 5 vehicle meta files like: carcols.meta carvariations.meta handling.meta vehiclelayouts.meta vehicles.meta You can get a list of every vehicle model name and has an option to extract any file from given directory too! (with the help of...
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    Cs-Battlepass System - New System

    Hello, this is our second script we shared. We will start publishing our paid works very soon. 0 Resmon Client and Serverside ESX & QBCore Support Premium and normal user point system for reward. It can be configured easily. Multiple item support Premium and normal user point system for...
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    Fiat Ducato 1.3 (Ticarı)

    Fiat Ducato by EVOSMODDING Exterior HQ Interior MQ Free Optimized NO .meta included DOWNLOAD
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    Pressure Washer - Refuel Pump Nozzles

    Pressure_Washer.zip Refuel_Pump_Nozzles.zip
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